Adoptable Bunnies Share Positive Vibes During Yoga Class

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Published: March 5, 2018Updated: March 6, 2018

Yoga now comes in many furry forms. There is cat yoga, horse yoga, and goat yoga. And thanks to the Metazoa Brewing Company and Treehouse Yoga, we can add bunny yoga to the growing list.

This is the third session of bunny <a href="" target="_blank">yoga</a> pairing in this place. Tickets were sold out midweek and they had a turnout of approximately 80 humans and 13 adoptable bunnies hopping around the room. They did great and brought with them extra love, and attention. Rabbits are easy-going animals and they love being with other rabbits, either in a bonded pair or a close social group. Socializing comes naturally with them and they thrive because of their strong hierarchy system.

These gorgeous and winsome <a href="" target="_blank">rabbits</a> love to be petted, and often lick the yoga students affectionately. Some of them are walking freely around the room, some like to be cuddled in big warm hugs and others just stand on the yoga mats and wait patiently to be spoiled and pampered until their yoga friends finish with the exercise. They are very inquisitive as well, dashing around just to see who their neighbor is by activating their sense of smell. Even though they might not have proper homes and wait for an adoption, they get every love and affection they deserve in this room full of positive energy and bright spirit.

All in all, the rabbits prove to be a great experience for this yoga class. It seems that they made a lot of friends and we hope that many yogis were interested in adopting or fostering them.

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