"A Tot Boy Is Getting Milk Drunk!"

AFVVirals Published March 5, 2018 43 Plays

Rumble - "Everyone loves happy hours in restaurants and bars! You get some tasty food and a couple of drinks at a discounted rate and go home all happy and content. But can you imagine what would a happy hour for kids look like? Well, check out this video and get some idea! It stars a little tot boy at a beach restaurant, having a meal with his family. He is sitting in a highchair, drinking milk from his bottle and looks like he's getting milk drunk! LOL! He wobbles almost like a drunk person but doesn't stop drinking, not even for a moment. Just look at him! Isn't he one of the cutest tots you've seen in some time? It must be that amazing and fresh beach air that makes him both so hungry and sleepy at the same time. He just can't prioritize and needs both his food and his sleep at once!"