Energetic Cat Loses It When Owner Cleans The Outside Windows

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Published: March 5, 2018

Watch as this curious kitten goes up against a sponge and a squeegee when owner tries to clean the outside windows. Check out how this cat reacts to a man on the outside of the home washing and cleaning the windows. Hilarious!

Footage shows the energetic cat following owner’s every move on the other side of the window, soaping and cleaning the glass. The incredibly excitable cat loves chasing anything that moves, which includes things he can never actually catch, such as objects on the other side of the glass. This little kitten is learning about glass and reflection and he is up for a big surprise when he finds out that they are very hard to catch!

Cats are all about 'stalking and hunting'. They are always looking for some interaction and adrenaline driven games. From chasing tails to chasing shadows, you name it! They wiggle their back legs as they get ready to pounce on their prey. These play behaviors are linked to prey stalking, attacking and predation in nature.

This little kitty is eager to play. Her human puts her up for a very long chase game as he uses sponge and squeegee to wipe clean the glass on the other side of the window, much to cat’s delight! The cleaning process fascinates the cat, instantly provoking extreme attack mode!

Little fellow almost immediately jumps after the prey in desperate need to catch it, but all in vain. This is how you entertain your kitten! It is a very amusing game, both for the pet and the owner. The cat is sitting right up against the window and every time the sponge and the wiper move, it quickly jumps back trying to catch them! This cat has so much energy! It never gives up!

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