Lizard Practices Her Bug-Hunting Skills On Computer Screen

Published March 5, 2018 433 Plays $0.74 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWe have already told you about Frankie the bearded dragon. She is a 2-year-old rescue who will forever be smaller than normal due to a lack of UVB from her previous owners. It is also why she has a kink in her tail. She is now healthy, spoiled and gets lots of treats. While her diet consists mainly of collard greens, mustard greens and butternut squash. She also gets the occasional fruit and sometimes the digital fly!

In this hilarious video, Frankie the <a href="" target="_blank">bearded dragon</a> trains on keeping her fly-hunting skills sharp with the help of a video game on her owner’s tablet. We can’t tell for sure if she knows the bigs are fake or not, but every time a bug comes out on the screen, she moves like lightning to face her opponent. It’s left, now it’s right. The erratic behavior of the flat bug does not throw Frankie off for one second. She jumps at the opportunity to nose-bump the screen as soon as she sees a fly!

Frankie may be training hard on hunting down those pesky flies, but deep down, she loves nothing more than to chase down some plumb <a href="" target="_blank">blueberries</a> around the floor. The bearded damsel goes nuts when she sees her favorite berry and you can tell. This is a form of enrichment and exercise and it's also hilarious to watch! The floor might be slippery, what with the smooth surface of the laminate and the lizard’s long claws, but that does not stop our heroine here from making her best efforts to reach that blue ball of deliciousness and munch it as soon as possible!