Little Girl Shares Cereal With Her Puppy

ClaritathedogPublished: March 4, 2018Updated: March 5, 20187,660 plays$17.05 earned
Published: March 4, 2018Updated: March 5, 2018

"Sharing is caring indeed, but how would you feel if you offer someone a piece of something, but he or she takes it all? That is what actually happens in this video! But what makes it really funny is the fact that the main protagonists are a tot girl and her little dog. This adorable baby girl is sitting in her little rocking chair with Cheerios in her hand and offers it to her fluffy pup, but much to her surprise, he takes it all and turns away! She tries to take it back, but this cute puppy has no intention to say that it has had enough of her food and let her have the rest.

But, how to explain to this adorable pup that he needs to share too? And what lesson this tot girl is going to learn from this situation? Well, it's really hard to say, but we can only hope that there is one more Cheerios in the house, or the screaming is about to start!"

The adorable little girl has a Cheerios in her mouth and goes over to the family dog. Surprisingly, her parents encourage her to share with her puppy. The little girl is more than willing to let the puppy have a taste of her Cheerios. This doggy is quite the gentle dog himself. He does not try to gobble down on the Cheerios or steal it from the little girl. This dog understands how to properly partake of the Cheerios. We are quite impressed by his gentleness. After the puppy gets a few bites in the little girl takes it back. Eventually, she decides that her doggy needs to have another turn.

If you have a pet when you also have a young child they are more than likely to develop a strong bond. They become fast friends that share nearly every aspect of their lives. We never thought that we would argue against sharing too much! A precious moment unfolds when this little girl shares her Cheerios with her doggy. Priceless!

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