IWR News for March 8th: Trudeau’s Thought Police are Coming to Canada

3 months ago

This week in news that mainstream media won't report and our government doesn't want you to hear:
• The Thought Police are Coming to Canada: Bill C-63
• A Government Censor is Exposed
• The CBC Continues Its Death Spiral
• Small State-Sponsored Media Outlets Confess They Can't Survive
• Trudeau Government Raises the Carbon Tax Despite Public Opposition
• Weaponized Mosquitoes Cause Record Dengue Fever Outbreak
• Studies Show that Nuclear Power is the Best 'Green Energy'
• EV's Shown to Release Over 1,000 Times the Pollution of Gas Powered Cars
• Life Expectancy is Still Dropping and Has Been Since 2019
• The Chinese Government is Caught Deleting All Covid Data
• Vaccine Hesitancy is On the Rise in Canada
• Unsanitary Conditions at Moderna Factory Exposed by Aaron Siri
• Arbitrator Rules That Ontario Nurses Were Unlawfully Fired
• Leaked Docs Show that Gender Transition Proponents Know it's Harmful
• The U.N. Appoints a Trans Fetishist as Women's Delegate
• Doritos Goes Woke and Goes Broke

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