Mother and Sister of Aubrynn Grundy - Pfizer Death

1 month ago

On today's episode, Mark and Gunnar talk to Shanna Carroll and Sophia. Shanna is the mother of Aubrynn Grundy, who tragically died in August of 2022 after taking two Pfizer injections. Sohpia is Aubrynn's 14-year-old sister. This was the most difficult interview we've done yet, but we feel it's important to give a platform to elevate the voices of those left behind by these tragedies. Mark becomes emotional and Sophia holds it together. Shanna is a rock and an amazing mother and Gunnar is laser focused, as always. This is a heartfelt conversation, and we hope that it can, in some small way, be therapeutic for Sophia to talk about the loss of her sister. From the React19 site: "Aubrynn went on a school trip in July of 2022, she was picked to attend this school trip due to her personally and how caring she was, she accepted everyone and was always supportive and helpful to others. She had to be vaccinated. She was vaxed in June of 2022, dose 1, June 7th does 2.. June 28th. She left for her trip after her physical on July 9th 2022, she texted me July 18 that’s she was sick, by midnight they tested her and she was positive for Covid, we rushed out that night to pick her up in NY. we got to her on July 19 after a drive from Michigan to NY. We drive home and on July 20th she felt sick and we took her to the er. Where she went in to cardiac arrest after waiting 4 hours in the ER waiting room. She was air lifted to Children’s in Detroit and spent the next 3 weeks on the ECMO, we had to pull her off on Aug. 6th 2022, her limbs here black, and her organs failed. She was treated with remdesivir as well. She was the ONLY ONE IN OUR FAMILY TO BE VACCINATED." God have mercy!

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