A Colleague Does A Perfect Fake Spider Office Prank

AFV Published March 2, 2018 15,222 Plays

Rumble Sometimes you can't help but play a harmless prank on your friends.

A man walks over to an office door, followed by another man. The man on the right looks directly into the camera. A fake remote control spider then crawls out from under the table. The man on the left opens the door, and looks for something. He then turns around to see the spider, and screams in fear.

The toy spider is so ridiculously huge and more than obviously fake that no focused person could ever mistake the fake spider for being the real thing, However, our minds are wondrous things when it comes to recognizing ominous shapes and associating them with danger.

Our pranked hero then backs into the door, pushing it wide open with his full body weight and resting there there for a brief few seconds as if to recuperate from the initial reaction and then plunging into a long, high-pitched hysterical laughter. The other man laughs as well, and walks towards the camera with a knowing look on his face.

Having in mind that the setting in the video very much resembles and industrial or a production plant, and that our prank heroes are your typical tall and strong manly men, we believe that the situation was resolved in the most positive way imaginable. This is definitely a prank gone right!

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