Sneaky Crab Steals GoPro To Create Unbelievable Footage

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsBatwing Coral Crabs are large, edible crabs that are widespread throughout tropical waters. Its bright red shell and large claws make it hard to miss, although it spends most of the daytime tucked under coral or hidden in small caves in the reef.

This beautiful little fellow was lurking in and around a little cave under the coral in Akumal, Mexico. He was spotted by a swimmer as he ventured out to explore the world around his home. The swimmer put his GoPro camera in front of the cave and the crab wasted no time. He dashed out excitedly, grabbed it and dragged it back inside. He was left with the camera for a few minutes to see what happened.

The footage later revealed that the crab was extremely curious about the shiny camera, and possibly his own reflection. The crab moved the camera about and stared right into the lens the entire time it was in his cave. Unknowingly, the crab created the most spectacular footage of his eyes, claws and even his mouth. His mandibles move constantly as he looks thoughtfully at the GoPro. With the camera on the ocean bottom, it creates the sense that we are looking at a monstrous crab from below.

These crabs can grow to 6 inches in width across the shell. They are more likely to be seen at night when they venture out in the open to hunt for food. This adventurous fellow was seen on the prowl in broad daylight.

The crab's claws can be seen exploring the lens and around behind the camera. He seems to stare at it curiously and this provides an incredible close up look at his mouth and eyes, as well as his belly. Amazingly, every part of the crab tucks into nooks on his shell to provide a perfect armor. Even the parts of his mouth can be folded in for protection.

One of the cutest features of this little crab is the light spot on his shell behind each eye that give the impression of perpetually raised eyebrows.

It's difficult to say whether the crab's initial reaction was curiosity or whether he saw the shiny camera as potential food, but the footage that followed is priceless!


  • NessyYellow, 1 year ago

    I want a crab to steal my camera!

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  • BenW, 1 year ago

    Cool view, i'm glad it wasn't an Elephant!;-)

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  • SloggerVlogger, 1 year ago

    What a great close up view! Love it.

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