"Toddler Girl Asking a Million Silly Questions"

Published March 2, 2018 35 Views

Rumble "Why do toddlers ask so many questions? A toddler’s curiosity has no limits and the amount of questions they are able to produce daily is limitless. We understand that the world is such a complicated place and that there so little time to learn everything you want to know as a child, but WHY? The little girl in this video takes the question asking=game to a whole other level. She is not actually interested in hearing the answers, she simply purely enjoys asking a question, after a question, after a question… until her mom’s head gets dizzy! “Mom, can I sit in your chair? … Mom, can I sit on the couch? … Mom can I play in my room? … Mom, can I hold you? … Mom, can I pick your arm and hold you?” Poor mom, the list of silly questions goes on and on! Nevertheless, this little curious princess is absolutely adorable!"

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