Picky Toddler Will Only Drink From Daddy's Cup, Boycotting The Bottle

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Published: March 2, 2018

A hilarious video has emerged of a toddler demanding to drink from dad’s cup and crying every time his daddy switches his cup for the baby's cup. Adorable!

Little kids seem to think that they can do everything like grownups and they want to grow up faster. And they try, they really do, but tiny hands can’t hold the big and heavy glasses and tiny footsies can’t walk as fast as adults do!

Parents, on the other hand, would rather have their kids stay little their entire lives, because it means they can take care of them. So when the time comes to leave the bottle and the pacifier, things can get both emotional and hilarious, like the situation in this clip!

This adorable toddler is learning how to be more independent already, so he decided he doesn't need a baby bottle anymore, not when he's got a favorite new drinking cup! There's something about this graduated cylinder that just makes the toddler super excited about learning how to drink water from it!

He clearly likes drinking water without a nipple and he is super happy about it. Every time he takes a sip, the toddler gets instant satisfaction and ditches the bottle away! However, when father tries to switch the cup with the baby bottle, the toddler realizes the scam and goes cry mode almost instantly! He knows his rights and preferences and he is not afraid to show it!

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