Pug snuggles in comfy blanket

Published March 2, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Enkei the pug is coming up for 2 years old and loves nothing more than his home comforts. He is one pampered pooch and is always behaving like a real baby. He loves to be cosy whilst sleeping in the house, and enjoys being wrapped up like a tortilla wrap in a warm cosy fluffy blanket. He just adores this! Watch as he is petted, and struggles to stay awake, he even struggles to get a yawn out mid video!
Enkei is a really loving dogs and sleeps with his owners in their bed each and every night, he has done since he arrived home at only 8 weeks old. Enkei loves to be warm and in the house, especially when it's so cold and snowy outside here in Scotland. He is just adorable, you can hardly see him for all the blanket is so closely tucked in around his body leaving only his little head on show, just how he prefers it! I think Enkei acts more like a human than a dog, I think that's because he is treated and led to believe he is a human, he certainly is part of the family! This video is certain to make you feel sleepy and yawn, as you watch Enkei struggle to stay awake... it definitely is a dogs life!