"Toddler Boy Loses His Pants While Being Dragged by Power Wheels"

Published March 2, 2018 293 Plays

Rumble "If a toddler boy finds a certain game delightful he won’t stop playing it even if that means losing his pants in the process! We all know that little boys are capable of coming up with the weirdest games ever. In this video, we meet two boys and only one Power Wheels toy truck. But that’s completely fine, they find a hilarious way to share the truck! Where there’s a will, there’s a way! One of the kids is driving the Power Wheels in circles and the other is holding on to the truck and running behind it. Perfect! Oh no, wait… The truck is going too fast! The smaller kid falls to the ground and the little truck is now dragging him on his stomach. It doesn’t matter, bring on the fun! Suddenly, there’s another problem on the horizon for this adorable toddler. His pants are sliding off. Don’t worry, little guy, you’re too cute to be embarrassed!"