Dad's Funny Antics Send Toddler Into Fits Of Laughter

Published March 2, 2018 1,302 Plays $2.87 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsThere is almost not a single bad mood that a laughing baby cannot solve and cheer you up, so it comes as no surprise that laughing baby videos are among the most viral videos. This kid's laughter is absolutely contagious! Watch as dad sends little toddler in fits of laughter! What a heartwarming moment!

Laughing babies are intoxicating. This adorably hilarious laughing baby will put you in a great mood just in seconds. Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload!

This baby girl finds her father falling to the couch hilarious, and she can't take it, she bursts into laughter every single time, even if he makes the same movement over and over again. It takes so little to make babies burst in tears of joy! Adorable!

This happy baby girl sits on the couch <a href="" target="_blank">together with her daddy</a> and enjoys the entertainment of her father’s funny antics coming one after another, making her to laugh out loud. So cute!

Whether it is their first step, first word or first dance move, babies have their way of making it look adorable and hilarious at the same time. However, one of the best things about babies is their ability to laugh at basic, everyday occurrences, say like when you drop something on the ground, when you rip a piece of paper, or even when you make funny noises.

There is no better mood lifter than <a href="" target="_blank">watching babies laughing hysterically</a>, so be prepared for a smile booster! Parents should cherish every moment with their little toddlers, like this loving father enjoys the precious time with his laughing kid!

It turns out that this dad has got some hidden comedy skills that is just shining through to his toddler and the baby is loving every second of it! It doesn't take long for this little tot to start belly laughing right back at her dad!