Dog Decimates Couch Because Her Owner Left Her Alone At Home

Published March 1, 2018 2,078 Plays $4.49 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesUmka was adopted from an animal shelter and she just loves snuggling and loves being warm, she is such a sweet girl. She sleeps on the bed and loves to get under the duvet. It’s not boredom - Umka gets plenty of exercises and has another dog to play with as well as lots of toys. But she apparently doesn't like when her owner isn't at home. Umka has her own way of expressing her displeasure. She’s like a little monkey.

Umka has ripped her family’s <a href="" target="_blank">sofa</a> apart but looks like she could not be more pleased with herself. She does not look shame-faced, even though she is surrounded by chunks of yellow and white stuffing that she has pulled out from the <a href="" target="_blank">couch</a>. It is totally unbelievable how she managed to destroy everything around her. She has this look on her face like ‘I know I have done wrong but I am so comfortable running around and showing off’.

The sofa is demolished beyond repair. It is not like you can throw something over to cover it up. The whole sitting area is missing. Not even the most experienced carpenter can salvage it. She might have caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage with her habit of digging holes in furniture, not to mention the numerous pairs of shoes, teddy bears and dog toys she has chewed up. Sofa's are Umka's favorite - she will start at the back and use her claws and mighty jaws to rip it up.

Her owner must have been mortified when she saw this. The bright side of the video is that the owner may only hope that her destruction is a desire to nest rather than a result of bad behavior.