"A Cat Drinks Water In Slow Motion"

Published March 1, 2018 13 Views

Rumble "This adorable cat drinks water from a faucet in slow motion and it is the cutest thing ever. Our furry friends never cease to amaze us! Just when we think that we have seen it all, they go out and do something amazing! They brighten our day with their cuteness and we just can't stop smiling when they do something funny. We are all so thankful to have them in our lives. Without them, nothing would be as interesting. This kitty in the video is something special, though. Why drink water from a dish when you can drink it straight from the faucet? Smart thinking little kitty. First, you have a dish less to wash, and second, it is super fun to watch! Oh, our adorable furry friends, what would we do without them? So hilarious, and in this case very helpful. Save yourself the unnecessary wash and just use the faucet! LOL!"

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