Dog jumped into the hot tub, his reaction has left more than 2 million people in stitches

Published March 1, 2018 603 Plays

Rumble Dogs tend to have a love-hate relationship with water. Either they avoid it like the plague, or they dive head-first into it! This is strange, as many dogs don’t have any problem with getting wet in muddy puddles. The pooch in the following video falls into the latter category. He can’tPerhaps the pressure from the water jets felt soothing on this back. This hilarious pooch keeps humming, maybe because he was enjoying it so much. He seems to have attained the most relaxed state of being. Cuzzie really gives us all some major relaxation goals! get enough of water!
Cuzzie the dog loves soaking in the hot tub. He looks really at home there. The look of pure bliss on his face is unmistakable!