"Baby Loves The "Bonanza" Theme Song"

Published March 1, 2018 18 Views

Rumble "A baby stops crying when her mom bounces her and sings the theme song to "Bonanza" indoors. Every parent has been here. Babies can often be cranky and there is nothing a parent can do to calm the baby down. Parents usually try different tricks, from singing to bouncing, to talking and so on. This baby in the video apparently loves "Bonanza" and its theme song. The mom has figured out this trick long ago and is here to give other parents an idea. For her baby, bouncing and singing the theme song to "Bonanza" works perfectly. As soon as the mom started humming the sounds of "Bonanza" the baby calmed down and was just mesmerized by the wonderful song. How precious! We wonder how did this mom discover that this song is the perfect one for her baby. She must have tried a lot in the past! Luckily, it was worth it."