Little Girl Flaunts Her Happy Feet In The Department Store Like Nobody’s Watching

Published March 1, 2018

Rumble An adorable video has emerged of a mother looking for her little daughter at the department store when she thought she had lost her only to find her dancing like nobody’s watching. Check out the cheeky dance this tiny girl presents by flaunting her feet at the department store, dancing to a classic hit, shaking her booty in front of the dozens of mirrors in the fitting room!

This mom had no other choice but to drag her little daughter around to get some errands done. After a long day of work, this mother-daughter duo hit the mall to get this little girl some new clothes. However, the girl started to get restless and bored like most kids, so she wandered off and stirred immediate parent panic. Moments later, her mom spotted her dancing in front of the dozens of mirrors in the fitting room, moving her happy feet to the rhythm. How adorable!

Not everyone would agree with what we are about to say, but a shopping spree is always good therapy. First of all, you get to release yourself of the money that has been weighing you heavy for all this time, especially if you have been good and saving for a whole month to get this done.
Second, you get to get yourself new stuff, making you feel refreshed and renewed, ready to take on the world as a new person.

We understand that this is a principle that most women live up to, but there are kids out there that feel the same way too. However, as it turns out, there are also those out there who don’t strike as the shopping type right away, but if you give them their five minutes of glory in a shopping mall or supermarket, they just might surprise you with a little happy dance of their own.

This sweet girl can't contain her excitement and cannot control her dance moves no matter where she is! So even while out shopping with mom, she couldn’t help but bust out her adorable little dance moves! She should call this her signature move, the department store dancing jiggle! How cute is that? All this cutie pie needs right now is some classic jive music and she is ready to take on Dancing With The Stars!