"Kid Won’t Share Toys With Her Younger Sister"

Published March 1, 2018 626 Plays

Rumble "It’s a well-known fact that older siblings can be very selfish. Just take a look at this video and see a kid who won’t share toys with her younger sister. She’ll do just about everything else - she’ll love her, she’ll be her best friend, they are gonna play together but when it comes to toys, sharing is not an option! But her younger sister is sooo cute, we bet she’ll give in and start sharing everything with her! nSiblings’ rivalry and jealousy can be a problem. The older sister and brother sometimes feel threatened by the younger one. They feel as if the new bundle of joy is stealing their parents away, so they act selfish, jealous, and hostile. Luckily, this doesn’t last long. After a while, the older sibling accepts the new addition to the family. We believe this will be the case with the sisters from our video. They’ll share their toys anytime soon, we tell you!"