"When A Mom Is An Opera Singer"

Published March 1, 2018 21 Views

Rumble "What do you think, if your mom was an opera singer, would you enjoyed it? Well, the twins from this video do not like the opera sounds so much. nIn this hilarious video, you’ll see the most adorable twin toddlers and their mom. The babies are eating and the mom sings opera to them (maybe for the better digestion???). Unfortunately, the kids not only hate opera, they are so disturbed by those unusual sounds, they started crying. Yup, real tears induced by opera! You’ll just have to laugh!nKids usually aren’t the great fans of opera. They find the sound annoying and they don’t understand the story because operas are usually performed in some weird foreign language. But we have to admit we’ve never seen kids cry during opera! Poor babies! We do feel sorry for them. But you never know. Maybe they grow to love opera in time. For now, we suggest that this opera mom moves her vocal exercises in some other room, far, far away from these babies."