What's WRONG with Sports. The Old Glory Games PODCAST Episode 1

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4 months ago

Welcome to "The Old Glory Games Podcast," where hosts Kyle and Greg dive deep into the world of sports, offering unique perspectives that go beyond the surface level. Fed up with the current state of sports, which they find to have become nauseating for various reasons, they embark on a journey to explore the essence of sports, its impact on society, and how it shapes our lives.

Kyle and Greg, friends for over 20 years, share a passion for sports discussions, especially those that evoke passion and provoke thought. They aim to tackle topics ranging from the unifying and divisive aspects of sports to its role as a reflection of societal trends. With a focus on the physicality and competitive nature of sports, they express concerns about how the modern environment seems to suppress these elements, particularly in football, hockey, and basketball.

The podcast promises to be a platform for reminiscing about the glory days of sports, comparing past and present, and discussing how sports intersect with other areas of life. Expect insightful conversations on everything from the physical struggles in games, the impact of rule changes, and the evolution of sports strategies to the broader cultural shifts influencing sports today.

Whether you're a die-hard sports fan or a casual observer, "The Old Glory Games Podcast" offers something for everyone. Join Kyle and Greg as they share their excitement, concerns, and hopes for the future of sports, all while inviting listeners to engage in a dialogue that celebrates sports in all its forms. Tune in for a thoughtful exploration of what makes sports a pivotal part of our identity and culture.

00:00 Introduction
01:19 Meet Greg
02:40 Kyle's take
03:38 Football - Why it needs to be physical
05:39 Football - Running the ball is good
12:31 NFL more entertainment then competition
14:50 What we are going to be talking about
18:03 Fantasy Football
19:54 Warren Moon
21:57 What matters to Kyle
24:29 NBA What's Wrong with IT
29:07 Old School vs Today
31:37 Greg Last Thoughts

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