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DrPimplePopper Published February 28, 2018 60,124 Plays

Rumble - This lovely woman is the physician who travelled from the other side of the nation to see me some months back. She returns during another vacation, and it was truly lovely to see her! She is the sweetest woman and you popaholics on the East Coast are indeed lucky to have her as one of your physicians!

She is no longer developing any new steatocystomas and it looks like the ones we have extracted have not returned so let's keep our fingers crossed. The walls of a steatocystoma are much thinner and tenuous then the more common epidermoid cyst and this may be why they tend to not grow back even though we don't definitely see the removal of the cyst wall. I would be thrilled to see her again but more in the "real world" and not because she needs more extractions. Hopefully this will be it for now.
Thank you so much for watching!!

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