Couple keeping their cool during close encounter with dangerous bull elephant

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Published: February 28, 2018Updated: March 1, 2018

Facing the largest land mammal on this planet, rushing towards you, is a nerve wrecking experience. My wife and I were alone on safari, admiring a small herd of elephants next to the road. Suddenly, there was this enormous bull elephant approaching us. He did not look like he was on a Sunday afternoon stroll. This guy looked determined and on a mission.

Our hearts were racing while the elephant rushed towards us. There was a big branch hanging from his mouth and he looked pretty scary. We had no choice but to remain calm. He then moved a little off the road and bashed through a small tree next to the vehicle. He was showing us that he meant business. Suddenly he just froze, showing no emotion and not giving away any signals on what his next move might be. This was probably the most terrifying moment, sitting dead quiet and waiting on his next move. This bull elephant then pretended to be moving along and leaving us alone, but then approached us from behind for yet another anxious moment. Standing right behind the vehicle, he slowly peeked over the back. Simultaneously, he slightly bumped the back of the vehicle with his tusks. We managed to keep quiet through this whole experience but this was when we both raised our voices. From previous experience, we’ve learned that he would have carried on and become more violent if we did not say something. Immediately he stepped back, shook his head and left us alone.

It turned out that this bull elephant was in a state called musth. When older male elephants are ready to mate, they go into a musth period with heightened testosterone levels. These males are extremely temperamental and dangerous at the same time. They chase, intimidate and sometimes even kill anything that does not look like a female elephant. We managed to keep our cool but at the same time were very lucky to get away without a serious incident.

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  • 1 rumble
    einsteinparrot · 1 year ago

    DANG! I would of been scared to death!!!

    • 1 rumble
      EmotionsofAfrica · 1 year ago

      Yep, I can definitely confirm that it was a indimidating and heart racing few minutes

  • 1 rumble
    SloggerVlogger · 1 year ago

    Wow what a video and what an experience. I love it how he just trotted down the road at first, but then became more serious with an inquisitive face. Seeing how they can charge a car, I'm surprised you managed to stay that cool.

    • 1 rumble
      EmotionsofAfrica · 1 year ago

      Thanks mate, yeah specially when they just stand there in front of you deciding on their next move. We have had cases where they actual follow through and things get messy. Cheers