Owners Surprised By Unknown Visitor Caught On CCTV Camera

Published February 28, 2018 8 Views

Rumble CCTV footages serve people in many ways. For example, for monitoring schools and other public objects, for sports events, as an evidence of a crime or crime prevention and for home security. But the video you are about to see is nothing like that. This CCTV footage is a proof that there are still good people out there in the world. Take a look!

Happened in Long Beach, California on February the 23rd, 2018. This homeowner installed cameras just a month ago and never thought he'd catch this. Somewhere after 8 pm, the camera shows an Amazon delivery guy that approaches the front door. He carries two packages with him and he leaves them near the door in the front yard.

Approximately two hours later, a man wearing a white suit enters the house and rings the doorbell. After few minutes, he reaches for the packages and takes them to the backyard. Then he leaves a note on the door saying: ‘’I moved your packages closer to the other door so they wouldn’t get stolen’’.

The owner of the house, Manny was very surprised after he saw the CCTV footages. He said: ‘’It was stuff I needed the next morning for a household project. I got home around midnight and saw the note. We could all use more people like this.’’

Watch this amazing video of a man helping Amazon packages not to get stolen. Such a pleasant surprise for the owner! If you have any idea who this man might be, feel free to send us a message!