"Ski Slope Wedding"

AFVViralsPublished: February 28, 2018
Published: February 28, 2018

"More and more people are getting married in awkward places these days. The lovely pair from our video decided to get married in the middle of the ski slope, riding their snowboards! So romantic! The bride to be is wearing a strapless wedding dress, even though the temperature is obviously under 32F. Freezing! But the bride supposed to be the in the center of the attention - this girl definitely managed to do that! nIf you think that getting married while riding a snowboard is the most unusual way to tie the knot, thing again. People are super creative when it comes to picking weird wedding venues. Couples already got married in a hot air balloon, in a zero-gravity chamber, in a cave, while bungee jumping, in zoos and aquariums, in museums… Just think of the weird place to get married and believe us - someone already had a wedding ceremony there. Hey, in the human nature is to be unique, why else freeze in the middle of the ski slope in the wedding dress? Still, this bride and groom are super cute and romantic. We are happy for them!"

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