Ballerina runs out of treats for her giant puppy

SamsonAndSebastian Published February 28, 2018 219 Plays $0.45 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsLittle Sierra has run out of the treats for her beautiful giant Newfoundland dog Sebastian. These two are never far apart and best of friends. Sierra is sorry that she had run out of all her treats for her puppy. Watch how adorable this scene is as she runs back to pick up her bouquet of flowers she has picked and runs out to continue picking more flowers. A sweet girl just home from ballet, a beautiful loving Newfoundland and beautiful flowers to pick...We could all use scenes like this when the world gets too chaotic!


  • enkeithepug, 1 year ago

    uh oh!! running out of treats, big no no in our house hold

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