Keystone RV Company Fails to Perform Warranty and Defect Work on a New Montana 3761FL

1 month ago

This video shows Keystone RV Company and Sunrise RV failed to fix / replace the floors and insulation in a flooded Fifth Wheel RV because of a manufacture's defect when installing a PEX pipe in this new RV. To top it off, the manufacture and dealer did not test the water system before selling the RV to a person who had cancer, who was going to use this RV to recover from a cancer surgery, radiation treatments, and chemo therapy treatments.

You can read more about how the Keystone RV Company and the Dealer Sunrise RV failed to perform the required warranty work on the RV, repair, replace or refund the cancer patient after the defective PEX pipe flooded the kitchen, bathroom, and storage compartment of the new RV, after it was delivered to the cancer patient and his wife.

The cancer patient is out over a $127,000.00 for the RV and an attorney, plus having to pay for another place to live.

The cancer patient and his wife are currently making payments to the bank, but has not had posession of the RV for over a year as the dealer and manufacture will not fix the damage floors and insulation or replace the RV, or refund the cancer patient and his wife their money for the RV.

The bank was notified immediately but will not help the cancer patient and his wife get their money back.

You can read and see more about this heinous crime at:

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