Dramatic Dog Is A Fantastic Little Actor

Published February 28, 2018 3,880 Views $32.75 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are indisputably the best kind of pets. Sure we love the other fluffsters, too, but they won’t ever love us back as half as much as dogs do. When it comes to dogs as pets, they are loyal to a fault. They would do anything for our love and attention and sometimes it just doesn’t seem like we truly understand the magnitude of their faith in us.

They say that dogs would do anything to please us because we give them the food they eat and shelter against the outside world but it’s more than that. They are genuinely good souls that mean no harm unless you do them harm. And if you do them good, they’ll return the favor ten fold.
That is exactly the case with this cutie pie. Judy the Australian Terrier is incredibly smart and funny. She has learned early on that if she performs the trick and passes it with flying colors, her owner would give her the juiciest of treats, so Judy does her best every time. She knows that practice is key and anything less than perfect is just not acceptable!

Little Judy is used to it now. She waits patiently for her owner to tell her to start. She stands on her tiptoes waiting for the “Bang,” then she continues to fall on the floor on her back, with legs raised up to the sky. She pretends she’s shot for a few seconds until her owner tells her that it’s okay to stand up. She then perks up and waits patiently for her reward. Absolutely adorable!

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