Guy Uses Board Game For Surprise Marriage Proposal

Published February 27, 2018 1,400 Plays $1.36 earned

Rumble / Priceless Moments"Stop", "Go", "Pass" and "Try not to fall for that guy." These are just some of the basic maneuvers players carry out in an ordinary board game. But what if the game was used for a higher purpose — say, asking for your significant other's hand in marriage? And when one has made up his mind, there are only three things required for the perfect proposal: the element of surprise, a show of effort and lots of romance. When this guy proposed to his girlfriend he had it all.

With the board game on the table ready to be played, we see how this girl reads the paper loudly and is quite baffled when she hears the phrase 'marital bliss'. She is tricked indeed and gets a bit suspicious but still unaware of what is about to happen. The girl slowly unwraps every part of the board game, removing it slowly as if she feels she might be surprised in the most unexpected way ever.

While she takes out the board, the cards, and the counters out of the box, she can hear the other lady talking about marriage and kids and she makes a weird expression but still, she is totally ignorant. No sooner she removes the last bag with counters, she runs across a bag which was carefully hidden and she still thinks it is part of the board game until she opens it. Her reaction is expected, the engagement ring brings tears of joy and happiness mixed with feelings of excitement. Her heart skips a beat and we can hear her clearly saying "Yes" to the proposal. No doubt she will remember forever. We wish them lots of love and many children.