Washington Democrats Add ‘Hamas Amendment’ to Holocaust Education Bill

2 months ago

Let’s make Holocaust education less about the Jews and more about others, today’s ‘true’ victims.

Pro-Palestinian and antisemitic activists in Washington State have added an amendment to that state’s Holocaust Education Bill, the so-called “Hamas Amendment,” that requires it to include the study of what the Palestinians have supposedly suffered as victims of their own Holocaust, carried out by the “genocidal” Israelis:

“Washington Democrats slap surprise ‘Hamas amendment’ on Holocaust education bill,” by Ari Hoffman, Post Millennial, February 13, 2024:

…After the bill came out of committee with unanimous approval, Seattle Democratic Rep. Emily Alvarado, in a move attempting to pacify her far-left base, slapped what legislators have dubbed the “Hamas amendment” on the legislation that would open the door for the Holocaust curriculum to include the false Hamas narrative in an attempt to offset addressing pro-Israel “bias” in the material.

Alvarado’s amendment added that the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction must work with organizations with “expertise in teaching lessons on genocide and crimes against humanity in different regions of the world and at various points in history, particularly including diasporic communities with lived experiences of surviving, being made refugee by, or otherwise being directly impacted by genocide,” in an effort to include Palestinians.

It’s obvious what Alvarado had in mind.

She wanted to please her far-left base, all those “From the river to the sea/Palestine will be free” shouters, who will not rest as long as Israel exists and the Palestinians have not yet destroyed the tiny Jewish state and replaced it with a twenty-third Arab one.

The “diasporic community with lived experiences of surviving, being made refugee [sic] by, or otherwise being directly impacted by genocide” is clearly meant by Alvarado to refer to the “Palestinians,” a “diasporic community” spread out across the Middle East, and found not just in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank, but also still cooped up in UNRWA-run refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq.

As noted above, there has been no ”genocide” in Gaza.

Nor has there been any in Israel within the 1949 armistice lines. In 1948 there were 156,000 Arabs in Israel, while today there are two million.

Finally, in Judea and Samaria (a/k/a the West Bank), the Palestinian population has gone from 900,000 in 1967, when Israel took it over, to 3 million today, a more than tripling of the population.

Genocide? What genocide?

Alvarado claimed on the House floor, when she introduced the surprise amendment without informing the Republican author of the bill, that it was being brought forward to make the proposed Holocaust education more “inclusive” and “accountable.”

Of course. Let’s make Holocaust education less about the Jews and more about others, today’s true victims.

My goodness, the Jews get quite enough sympathy already, don’t they? I mean, just look at all the votes in their favor at the UN. Holocaust education has to be more “inclusive.” And more equitable. And more diverse.

House Democrats realized they wouldn’t have the votes to pass the Holocaust education bill without the amendment due to their radical members and instead of having the antisemitic rhetoric from their caucus be live-streamed, they adjourned for the night.

The next day they came back united on including the “Hamas amendment,” forcing the GOP to either pass the legislation or appear as if they opposed Holocaust education….

The radical, anti-Israel Democrats are now in control of their party in Washington State.

They forced the old-style centrist Democrats to accept the “Hamas amendment” to the Holocaust Education bill, and then presented it to the House as the final, non-negotiable, version.

It was a take-it-or-leave-it challenge to the Republicans.

If the Republicans refused to approve it, because of the “Hamas amendment,” they might be perceived as being against “Holocaust education.”

If they accepted it, they would be acquiescing to a sinister bill that, as amended, intends to deny the uniqueness of the Holocaust against the Jews, and to promote “education” about a so-called “Holocaust of the Palestinians” by the Jews, in their role as the new Nazis.

Enough Republicans decided it was better to pass the Holocaust Education bill, despite the “Hamas amendment,” likely hoping that once it became law, individual instructors would have the good sense and decency to concentrate on the Holocaust of the Jews, and to avoid falling into the trap of teaching about a non-existent “Holocaust of the Palestinians.”

What’s next? A Palestinian Yad Vashem, to display the cruelty and brutality of the Israelis, and the millions upon millions of their Palestinian victims?

It could be made part of the Museum of the Palestinian People, in Washington, D.C., where government officials, ambassadors, and members of the media will have convenient access.

Will American schoolchildren on their visits to the nation’s capital now see not just the White House, the National Gallery, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, but soon as well, if CAIR has its way, this new wing of the Museum of the Palestinian People, showing the Palestinian victims of the storm-trooping and genocidal Jews?

Anything is possible. Nothing is too preposterous.

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