How Not To Let Your Baby Sleep, Cute Though!

Published February 27, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Here is a video of a five month old baby taking her afternoon nap. Filmed by the parents when they saw her roll onto her face via the baby monitor, they quickly grabbed the camera and went to go make sure she wouldn't suffocate herself. The video is more cuteness than anything you could imagine though as she is actually fine and not in any harm in the video. She is just having a very deep sleep breathing directly into the crib sheets, funny but also not funny as you want to keep an eye out for these things in the early stages of their infancy.
But put the warm cute fuzzies aside and lets talk about babies at this age sleeping on their face.
Sudden infant death syndrome can occur when babies sleep on their face at this age. If they never sleep on their stomach they won't develop behaviours to lessen the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. After four to five minutes of this position most babies wake up looking for fresh air. Even though SIDS is high on a parents worry list, statistics show it is a very rare tragedy. Sudden infant death syndrome is most likely to occur between two to four months of age, and after six months of age you are most less likely to have problems, so you can rest easy. Remember to always put your baby on their back for sleeping. And on a safe surface, like a proper crib mattress, and not on a couch or soft surface they will sink into.
At the end of the video you will see the parents wake their daughter, they didn't want to wake her but felt it was necessary to do so. It is very cute how she wakes though, probably very mad as she was having such a good sleep! Enjoy watching