Corgi Comforts Depressed Stranger At The Airport

Published February 27, 2018 12,925 Plays $18.42 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesCora has a special talent for sensing when someone needs comforting, and such was the case with this gentleman at the airport. Check out the precious encounter in this heartwarming clip!

When this compassionate Corgi pup saw a depressed m at the airport, she immediately knew that the man needed to be comforted, so the loving pooch approached the grieving man and gave this stranger her love and affection!

Dogs are known to be ‘man’s best friend’ and this adorable story is the perfect example of that. Cora the Corgi had given birth to numerous litters of puppies during her 8 years of life and knew how to be compassionate and caring, and she had abundant love to give!

Madison Palm adopted Cora and decided to get her trained as a therapy dog, given she had the talent to attach to people and want to help. One day, when Madison and Cora were at an airport, Cora proved herself to be a perfect little therapy dog when she sensed that a nearby stranger needed her help.

Cora loves meeting new people, and this time she found a special person to give her love to. The moment Madison let go of Cora’s leash, the caring pooch took the freedom to walk up to a man sitting nearby.

Madison filmed this heartwarming video of Cora sitting calmly next to a stranger and allowing to be pet. If you are wondering, Cora wasn’t bothering this man, in fact the man was pleased to have her company, and she instantly cheered him up.

The pooch somehow sensed that the man was upset and decided to help him feel better. This video is a perfect example that dog’s love is capable of bringing comfort to grieving people and cheering depressed individuals. What a great story!