"Some Toddlers Won't Share with Siblings"

Published February 27, 2018 415 Plays

Rumble "There an old saying that that applies here perfectly: Sharing is caring! But, it takes some time to learn that. When you're just a kid, the act of sharing can be pretty annoying, especially when toys or food, are involved. Just like in the case of this video with two little sisters having a family meal at a restaurant. They are both eating some chips and salsa, but when the older sister dips a chip in the salsa, the younger girl pulls her hand with the chip towards her and eats it! LOL! But, how about some sharing, dear girls? There's more than enough for everyone! It seems that both of them have a lot to learn from this funny "her salsa tastes better than mine" situation, like for example - it's always nice to ask, or everything's better when shared, especially when you eat salsa from the same bowl as your sister! LOL!"