Golden Retriever Waits For Mail Truck To Deliver Mail

Published February 27, 2018 17,593,010 Views $51.05 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis area has an incredibly quiet neighborhood with desolate roads and perfectly mowed grass. And what fits best in places like this one, if not a pet dog. This golden retriever is sitting on the street by the mailbox and waiting patiently for something. We may argue that it would make a great scene in a movie with dogs that are in charge of everyday chores. And the chore here is picking up mail.

For some strange reasons, this dog has a real passion for his mailing profession. It seems like he has always had fondness for getting the mail. He takes his job so seriously that he begins to work before the clock starts ticking. Being so restless, he can not even wait for the mail truck to arrive in front of his house, he runs to greet the truck steps away from his home. The truck driver makes it clear that the mail is to be picked up precisely at the intended mailbox.

The dog is so eagerly running after the truck until it stops where it is supposed to. The dog is in expecting mood, wagging his tail playfully as if he is going to get his favorite food. Without hesitation, he goes to gather the mail which is being slotted into his mouth. The retriever triumphantly walks through the front yard and back to the house.

We salute the eagerness and the excitement of the dog for carrying out his duty so fashionably. The mail has been delivered successfully.