Infant Mesmerized by Her Dad Playing The Guitar

Published February 26, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Little baby Isla is just five months old in this video, now able to hold herself up in a bumbo chair, she can sit and watch her father playing songs on the acoustic guitar.
Just her hearing the sounds of the acoustic guitar ring in her new born ears, you can tell she is mesmerized by the sounds of it. Her eyes always watching the finger placement and chord changing! Maybe one day this will be her dream, to learn the six string guitar and sing to her kids one day.
It's a very warm feeling playing the acoustic guitar to your daughter at this age and how she stares in awe as she listens to your voice singing to her. It's so cute seeing her this way.
Isla has always been interested in the guitar sitting around the house. She crawls up to it and plucks her fingers through the strings, even though it makes silly sounds when she does it, it puts her into a good little laugh. Or when dad is playing it she has to do everything she can to help, or make him stop because she can't stand the sounds of him? We just don't know.
In the video dad is simply playing a few chords and singing to her, the song is a classic song "Can't you see" by Marshall Tucker Band. The song is a country folk, souther rock from 1973, even though he is singing it to her in a way that would be about love, the lyrics actually go on about heartache and a man running as far away as he can to begin the process of healing himself.
This video was shot on a Sony hand held camcorder on September 12, 2017, more videos like this to come, so please subscribe if you like cute babies!


  • DavidMcNab, 2 years ago

    Cute. BUt dads who can't play the guitar are going to be jealous!

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