Ivermectin Insanity: Poison Pushers Instill Delusional Parasitosis So People Chug Cockroach Poison!

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1 month ago

3 Disturbing Studies On Decreased Sperm Counts, Decreased Sperm Motility & Increased % Abnormal Sperm Post-Ivermectin: https://timtruth.substack.com/p/ivermectin-vs-sperm-3-disturbing
"CLASTOGENIC" - 18 Studies Highlighting Ivermectin Induced DNA Breakage, Damage & Related Disorders https://timtruth.substack.com/p/clastogenic-18-studies-highlighting
6 More Animal Ivermectin Studies Showing Negative Fertility Effects! Depopulation?! https://timtruth.substack.com/p/5-more-animal-ivermectin-studies
P-glycoprotein Deficiency (Genetic Or Drug Induced) & Increased Ivermectin Toxicity https://timtruth.substack.com/p/p-glycoprotein-deficiency-genetic
Pig Study Raises MAJOR Questions Of Dangers Of Combining Quercetin & Toxic Pgp Substrates like Ivermectin https://timtruth.substack.com/p/pig-study-raises-major-questions
Ivermectin, WHO, UN, Merck, The World Bank & Kissinger's World Population Plan Of Action: https://timtruth.substack.com/p/ivermectin-merck-the-world-bank-and
Ivermectin Is Cytotoxic & Genotoxic (Damaging To Cells And DNA) & Possibly Carcinogenic (Cancer Causing) https://timtruth.substack.com/p/ivermectin-is-cytotoxic-and-genotoxic
Ivermectin Is So Toxic It Kills Most Mosquitoes That Feed On Its Users For 4 Days After?! https://timtruth.substack.com/p/ivermectin-is-so-toxic-it-kills-most
Studies Find Quercetin & Natto K2 INHIBIT P-Glycoprotein; Will This Increase Ivermectin Toxicity Susceptibility?! https://timtruth.substack.com/p/studies-find-nattokinase-and-quercetin
2 Concerning Studies: CBD & THC Enact Potent P-Glycoprotein Inhibiting Effects, Raising Very Concerning Questions About Heightened Ivermectin Toxicity For Marijuana Users https://timtruth.substack.com/p/2-concerning-studies-cbd-and-thc
Grapefruit's Irreversible Inactivation of Key Defense Against Toxic Effects Of Many Drugs (Ivermectin Binary Weapon) https://timtruth.substack.com/p/grapefruits-irreversible-inactivation

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