Children Surprise Dad With Cancer With A Tribute Song On Father’s Day

Published February 26, 2018 65,336 Views $14.62 earned

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesNo doubt there are countless videos about cancer but this one is so touching that it will make you change your perspective on how you see life. It is not only emotional but it is courageous, full of love and it shows that sometimes we can make the most of the hardest situations in life.

Not always the world of children is careless and easy. For some children, life has a funny way of showing its ugliest face. But for children like in this video, only the sky’s the limit. Their dad has a Li-Fraumeni Syndrome which is referred to as a ticking time bomb disorder and it runs in families meaning that it will certainly affect somebody in the family making them prone to cancer.

So, it is better to get busy living than to get busy dying. These kids wanted to make father’s day special for their dad and they re-wrote the lyrics to ‘Seven Years’ by Lukas Graham and had their sister sing it together with a band. The event is planned to take place in downtown Baton Rouge. They gathered all friends and family just to surprise their father.

Their dad has no clue what is about to happen, he thinks that he is meeting his friends for lunch until he hears a band member calls his daughter’s name to join in and starts singing. Their children show their affection and love for their dad in such a unique way, showing how brave and strong they are. We see her taking the microphone in her hands and with a voice of gold, she starts the song. What a voice! So powerful, so emotional and moving.

We see tears on some of the faces in the audience and though her dad is trying to hold back his tears, his face clearly shows that he is both impressed and deeply touched by the song. She deserves nothing else but a warm, bear hug at the end. He must be proud of their children. They deserve the best.

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