Sweet Big Dog Introduces Himself To Newborn Baby

Published February 25, 2018 8,592 Views $151.26 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsEvery couple that has owned a dog before they became parents know of the struggle. They already have a baby of their own, but when the date approaches for the tiny human to join the family, people get restless. “Will you let your dog near the baby? You’re not supposed to let the dog near the newborn. Don’t let him lick it! Don’t let him touch it!” Little do these people know that introducing your four legged member of the family is the gift that will keep on giving.

Dogs are the sibling that never complains of throws a jealous fit because someone got a bigger piece of the cake. Letting your kid grow up with a dog means they will learn some of the most precious lessons in life, like fair play, sharing and respect of one’s personal space. If they grow up with a cat, you can scratch that last part, because even cats don’t know the meaning of personal space.

If there are still naysayers out there who claim that a dog should not be in the same vicinity as a baby, you have to check this clip out! A couple of new parents have allowed their Boxer dog to get up close and personal with their infant. Notice how the baby giggles and wriggles in its rocker, while the big pup sniffs its face. Boxers can be drooly canines, but this close to a baby, even this guy knows better than to salivate and drench the little one.

Another couple of friends got the bitter end of a fresh introduction, when the baby decided now is the time for a liquid fart. The dog could not figure out what hit him.