This Disney Princess Inspired Bedroom Display Is Truly Magical

Published February 23, 2018 6,010 Views $0.74 earned

Rumble / Creative VisualsMost little girls dream of living like a princess. They like frilly dresses, stars, sparkles and everything pink and purple. These little ladies dream of living in a magical castle like Belle, have a fairy godmother like Cinderella, or meeting prince charming like Snow White. Sure, we nowadays have strong, independent princesses like Moana, Elsa, Merida and the likes, but deep down, every girl like the old Disney version of a princess.

Some girls get dresses and toys to make them feel like a princess. Others get a bedroom makeover. But this little girl is really lucky, because not only did she get a castle and loads of toys, her bedroom literally transforms into a fairy tale!

Purple neon lights illuminate the room, while a projector shoots fireworks and falling stars on the ceiling. The room itself has quite the unusual shape - a tiny hallway leads to a vast space, with a massive window on one side draped in sheer purple curtains.

It is the kingdom every girl dreams of. We were born in a time when technology could only give us glow in the dark stars and Disney-inspired canopies, so we can’t help but turn a slight shade of green when we watch videos like this one. Ah, childhood!

Check out this Disney inspired bedroom complete with a castle, fireworks and fiber optic stars. Incredible!

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