Culture War | Are COVID Injections Bioweapons? Guests: Attorney Todd Callender and Whistleblower Jeffrey Prather | “Exempted from the Investigative New Drug Process and Delivered Straight to People’s Veins”

1 month ago

Today we are joined by Jeffrey Prather, who was the original military whistleblower back to the DEA days. He later did Tea Party Security work then transitioned into podcasting. Todd Callender is an attorney who sued the U.S. Department of Defense, Health and Human Services, and then the FDA where he found problems from other whistleblowers. We discuss how active duty and retired service members demand accountability for the harms caused by the COVID injection mandate. Todd exposes that there are 1291 different side effects to the injections and says that this is a biological weapons attack. Jeffrey talks about how we are in 5th Generation Warfare, how it doesn’t even look like war and believes most people are not even aware of it. Todd says it went from the war on drugs to the war on terror and now to the war on viruses and he says WE are the viruses! 🦠 This is a powerful conversation. Support the Moms on a Mission Podcast by purchasing from any of the affiliates below or head over to our website and donate there. Thank you!

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