No Free World until we “Eliminate Our Limits”

1 month ago

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No Free World until we “Eliminate Our Limits”
Brian Grasso - Chief Visionary Officer at Brian & Carrie
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Bodyguard to “A-List” celebrities, and performance Coach to Olympic athletes, Brian has seen humanity at some of its most desperate lows. Part of the large problem people face in not being able to sustain change stems from the surprising fact that many uniform “problems” don’t truly exist. It’s not that people can’t lose weight permanently, for example, it is that they have an unconscious bias that limits them from doing so.

The best exercise and nutrition plan in the world will not work if people don’t actually incorporate it as a fixture into their lives. What stops them from doing that is the unique and individualized mindset limits they have set for themselves. For example, if someone “sees” themselves as “fat,” in their unconscious mind, they will forever be battling that issue, no matter how hard they train or diet.

Brian will explain his coaching based on “The 4 As”: Acceptance, Awareness, Accountability, and Adaptation. This process of the "4 A's" will help us change our Bias Lens so that we can eliminate the limits that hold us back, which is commonly perceived as feeling “stuck.”

Now, how is this impacting us as a nation and world? Brian is the essence of a Free Thinking Renegade and he will bring all that mindset, spirituality, and philosophy to the Freedom Hub!

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