Friendly Stray Dog Tries To Play With Monkey Tribe

Published February 23, 2018 40,615 Plays $162.78 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsEveryone wants to have a bundle of friends, but not everyone gets it easy. There are people on the face of this planet that folks love to be around; they have some magical properties about them or incredible charisma that makes people feel warm and fuzzy and welcome around them.

Then, there are those who struggle with interpersonal contact. Making friends for them is like solving the world’s most difficult puzzle; they would much rather stay in a dark corner, all by themselves, than to mingle and force chit-chat with folks they see for the first time. It is a quality that needs constant practice, but first and foremost, it takes will.

With animals, it is not that hard really. They either click with one another or they don’t. When dogs introduce each other, they sniff their butts. When cats introduce each other, they just take a few whiffs from afar and it is either love at first sight or a battlefield. But when two different species try and make friends with each other, now that is a spectacle!

In Pushkar, India a group of monkeys enjoy some carrots on a roof when all of a sudden a stray dog decides to join! The pooch approaches one of the monkeys and tries to sniff him, but the monkey is bewildered at the presence. Everything the dog does signifies that he wants to play, but the ape is behaving like an elderly gentleman who has never had kids being introduced to one. He gives the dog a few swift swats to the nose, but that does not discourage our brave canine from approaching further. Hilarious!