"Adorable Dog Loves His Food"

Published February 23, 2018 5,281 Plays

Rumble "This adorable dog is absolutely crazy about his delicious food! nnWhile his human parent is carrying his food, this precious dog can't stop jumping up and down with excitement! You can really tell how much he likes it! Makes us wonder what is in that bowl and if we could get a piece! This is one lucky family! We guess that this is not this dog's first time and that he is constantly making his family laugh! All dogs are precious, and this one is simply the best! nnBut, we can't say that we don't understand him! When we see food coming, our reaction is the same! It is not exactly jumping up and down like this, but it is very similar! Food is amazing! And this adorable dog knows that all too well! Wonder if he wouldn't mind sharing with us. We're really wondering what this delicious treat must be! From his reaction, we can assume that it is one of the best things ever!"