4 years ago

Feral Dog Takes Two Years To Get Close To Human

Not all dogs rehabilitate at the same rate. Some feral dogs might take a year or two before they will trust you enough to get close. This is the case with Sheba.

Footage shows intimidated Shebra daring to get closer to her rescuer and take treats directly off of the knee of a staff member who she has known for almost two years. This might not seem like much but for the ones who dedicate their time, patience and love to her process, it is priceless and well worth it!

Reportedly, it took two years for this rescued feral dog to start trusting humans. Can you imagine the amount of time, dedication and patience it took for them to get this far with the scared feral dog? It is amazing that Sheba starts to rehabilitate and trust humans. Even though she took her time and it was a slow process, the results are heartwarming!

Sheba is a feral dog that was rescued and started her rehabilitation process at the animal rescue center. In the streets, she was weary of human touch until she started to get used to having humans around.

In addition, the trust and connection breakthrough with feral dogs often occurs at a different time, depending on the dog, but it sure is a magical moment to cherish! Today, shy Sheba knows that humans are not to be feared from and she dares to approach and get treats by making a simple touch. Knowing that there are animal shelters that take care for dogs and make sure they are successfully rehabilitated and some even adopted into loving families, warms our hearts!

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