"A Boy Doesn't Want Money from the Tooth Fairy"

Published February 23, 2018 669 Plays

Rumble "Losing a tooth can be a pretty unpleasant experience when you're just a little child, and therefore people have invented the Tooth Fairy to make things better. So, when children lose one of their baby teeth they are told to leave it underneath their pillow before they go to bed, and the Tooth Fairy will visit them during the night while they sleep, and she will replace the lost tooth with a small amount of money as a reward. That sounds like a good bargain, doesn't it? Well, not to everyone! A cute boy in this video seems to disagree with this offer. Instead of being excited about Tooth Fairy's visit he gets pretty upset and starts crying! His mom tries to make him feel better and tells him the story of the Tooth Fairy, but he doesn't like it, not because he thinks Tooth Fairy doesn't exist, but because he doesn't like money!"