Baby Loves To Dance To Dad And Grandpa's Guitar Cover

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Published: February 23, 2018

A cosy setting, a candle on the bar, a dim light and blue Christmas lights on the windows are just a part of the relaxed atmosphere in this comfortable-looking house. What it makes it more enjoyable is this baby dancing on a song that his dad and grandfather are playing on guitar, and is not just any song but ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ by Janis Joplin.

This baby has an ear for music! Who would not have liked to dance on such a song? The powerful sound of the music coming from the guitars makes this baby a real show-off. It is his way of telling us the right way to dance on this type of music. If you are not sure with the movements, just hold on the drawers’ handles and it will all run smoothly.

The baby gets a grip on the bars with one hand and the other waves freely in the air while he bends at the knees in quick successions and follows the rhythm. Though the pacifier does not permit him to ‘sing’, we can hear him making unidentified sounds amidst the music.

The more he is into the music, the more freedom he feels as he releases the handles and dances independently, leaning forward and backwards, trying to keep the balance like an acrobat in a circus. Surprised why the pacifier is not in his hands, he turns inquisitively towards his dad to make sure that it is okay.

The baby keeps his balance so successfully while he shakes his body and head driven by the irresistible melody. How groovy!

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