Spider Displays Amazing Precision During Web Building

sigem74enforce Published February 23, 2018 1,449 Plays $5.88 earned

Rumble / Wild Wildlife - Though we may find spiders scary and repulsive, we can not say the same for their cobwebs. We can not stop wondering how they make this perfectly immaculate structure with surgical precision. If you have ever seen a home being built, you know that workers use wooden boards to frame the house. Instead of boards, spiders produce silk threads to build their webs.

The threads the spider uses here begin as liquid and they quickly dry in the air. As you can see the web is quite elaborate. It is such a complex geometrical pattern. The spider does it instinctively, it is born knowing how. The threads of the web are anchored to an object, we can not tell what the object is here, it might be a <a href="https://rumble.com/v3kx1b-toddler-finds-dad-chopping-wood-hilarious.html" target="_blank">tree</a>, a window sill, a branch, a corner of a room, whatever it helps to build its web on.

As this spider moves quickly back and forth, it adds more threads, strengthening the web and creating patterns. The creatures’s legs come in handy for building this web. The spider pulls silk with his fourth leg creating a balloon-like structure. This spider is a skillful engineer and the silk it uses for the web is lustrous, strong and light. The little fella then stretches the threads a lot and we can see that they do not snap.

The <a href=" https://rumble.com/v3mrbd-huge-spider-terrifies-tough-farmer.html" target="_blank">spider</a> then tugs the strands to make sure the strands are truly attached, then it pulls out new silk. The spider does this many times creating a network of silk lines in all directions. The main reason to spin a web is to catch their dinner. Sometimes spiders eat their own webs when they are done with them but let’s hope that this spider will leave the web untacked so we can marvel at the sight.