Child Acts Sedated! When Parents had to wake her for Medicine

Published February 23, 2018 5 Views

Rumble Sleepiest Child Ever makes it a nightmare to Wake in the night to take her Antibiotic's and sleep talks.
Cassie had a nasty ear infection so had to take antibiotic's, but she made it very hard for us every night taking her Medicine as it took us ages to wake her enough to take them every time! She didn't know what she was doing, kept trying to lay back down, was sleep talking and couldn't even tell us her name, well not right anyway! Cassie thought her name was "one" and when she eventually takes her antibiotic's she grips onto the Medicine syringe with her teeth, then when we asked her to have a drink as she normally likes to have a drink after taking them she just puts her mouth down onto the rim of the cup, was So funny! anyone would think she was sedated!
Cassie had a fall when she was younger got concussion and had to stay in hospital for the night and be woken up every hour but the hospital thought there was something wrong with her and so did we, as every time they tried to wake her it took ages and she wasn't responding properly, but now I realise that was her and that's what she is like normally, I am So glad that she has finished her antibiotic's and is all better now because although it was quite funny it was hard work every night. Please don't get poorly again anytime soon Cassie :-DD Cassie is ten and is a You tuber and her name on YouTube is CassieStudios, she does Art tutorials, gaming, travel, pets & funny Vids Please check it out, Thanks.