Meltdown Over Supreme Court and Trump, and Why Biden Won't Take Cognitive Test, w/ The Fifth Column

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Megyn Kelly is joined by Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, and Matt Welch, hosts of The Fifth Column podcast, to discuss the Supreme Court deciding to take former President Donald Trump’s immunity case, Keith Olbermann’s meltdown over it, his suggestion to replace the Supreme Court and that it's filled with "whores," Fani Willis' embarrassing performance on the witness stand, the left's failure to turn the case into a race issue, whether the case will be delayed until after the election, the media getting to talk about Russia and Trump again, the death of Moynihan's former employer Vice Media, the real story about how it imploded and ruined its brand, real reason President Biden refuses to take a cognitive test as part of his physical, the over-the-top defense of his mental fitness by some on the left, whether progressives will force the Biden administration to change its Israel policy, the results in the Michigan Democratic primary, Chris Cuomo’s deep thoughts about Marcus Aurelius and Kung Fu Panda, new Prince Harry details, the Willy Wonka experience, and more.

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